Willow International’s mission is to prevent human trafficking, rescue victims, and provide aftercare to survivors. 

Willow International, founded in Uganda in 2009, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the fight against human trafficking. Human Trafficking is an international issue, affecting more than 20.9 million victims worldwide. Our aim is to prevent human trafficking in Uganda and empower survivors to not only be free from slavery, but to heal from trauma and live full, healthy lives. We work to restore dignity and provide opportunities that empower each survivor we work with to thrive.

Since our work began, we have helped rescue and provide aftercare services to hundreds of sex trafficking survivors. Our staff provide individualized case management services that enable beneficiaries to participate in a program tailored to their specific needs.  We offer residential services through our aftercare homes as well as external case management services.

The goal of our aftercare programs is to empower victims to heal from trauma and graduate into a life of freedom and self-sufficiency. Our case managers connect survivors with resources and provide services including psychosocial support, educational and vocational scholarships, career development, access to healthcare, business skills training, family reunification, financial and English literacy training, and more.

Our work does not end with aftercare. We are dedicated to preventing human trafficking.  We partner with nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and the Ugandan Human Trafficking Task force to implement prevention programs focused on advocacy, awareness, education and community engagement.

Willow is a home of happiness, a home of joy, a home of life, and love. When I arrived, people were waiting for me with happiness and so much love. Everyone knew my name.
— Lillian, Survivor of Human Trafficking