Uganda is a beautiful country filled with incredibly strong and resilient people.  However, in Uganda sex trafficking is a growing problem that has gained international attention. Studies report that tens of thousands of children are trafficked in Uganda each year.  The average age of exploitation is 13 years old. Children are forced or coerced into slavery for a number of reasons, including poverty, emotional vulnerability, recruitment from fellow children, trafficking from rural areas into urban areas, and the simple need to survive.

Thousands of Ugandan trafficking victims are also trafficked across international borders and have been found in more than 12 countries.  In addition to domestic trafficking victims, Willow works with Ugandans who have been trafficked internationally to China and Thailand.  We partner with organizations in Thailand and China to provide aftercare services to victims trafficked abroad  


A home 

We welcome survivors into a safe and loving home.  In the home they are supported and cared for as they transition out of crisis and into a life where they are thriving. 

Dedicated Professionals 

Our staff provide individualized case management services that enable beneficiaries to heal from trauma and launch into independence. 


Resource Center

Our resource center enables survivors to connect with the education and services needed to transition into independence and lead a full and healthy life.